Monday, October 06, 2008

The Language of stamps

Did you know that you have to be careful when you place a stamp on an envelope? This postcard was produced for a philatelic exhibition in Paris in 1941. The stamps were all real, stuck on especially for the postcard.

Here is a translation for the next time you send a love letter through the post:

Straight: You don’t love me
Upside-down: I don’t dare.
To the left: Ardent love
To the right: The beginnings of love
Horizontal right: Tenderly yours
Horizontal left: Passionately yours

Click on the postcards for a better view.


Piscean Rubble said...

This is fantastic!! I love it!! I had no idea about stamp placement...I'll surely be careful from now on!! ;)

Titania Starlight said...

Wow! Now that is very interesting. I wonder if they still follow this anywhere today?

Anji said...

Piscean: Especially the bank manager!

Titania: I remember when I was at school a stamp leaning over was meant to indicate love. I wonder how that would work for emails?

rahul mg said...

This is Attractive!! Great Posts!! and Good Blogging!!

your BE Friend..

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alan said...

Something completely new to me...

Along with the smile it brought!


Anji said...

Rahul: Glad you enjoyed your visit(s)

Alan: I can see letters all over the world will have oddly positioned stamps because of my post

soulMerlin said...

i always thought that if i stuck a stamp on upside down, i would be put in the tower of london.

Henry (the 9th)

Anji said...

Henry: yes, I dreaded the tower of London too.(I didn't have a royal name )

Chandira said...

Wow, who knew? I went through a phase of accidentally sticking stamps on upside down a while back... lol

Anji said...

Chandira: So now we know all about you!