Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hampton Ferry

In the early 70s I was a student at Evesham College in the UK. At that time there was an annex at Hampton, and also classrooms in a house nearby. It’s hard to believe now if you look at the college today. On the days that we were at Hampton we sometimes needed to go into town at lunch times, rather than walk down the road and over the bridge, which took ages,we would take the ferry to cross the river. You had to ring a bell and a man would come out and for a penny would pull the ferry across. It was an amazing form of transport even then. I wonder if the ferry is still there?

A couple of weeks ago, Rob was looking at cards for sale and called me over to see this card, he asked me if I’d ever heard of the ferry. It was lovely to remember those college days again.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The little devil

Little devil
Adieu toys, adieu drum,
Here comes the end of the day.
Sleep, the Sandman is passing
Dear little devil!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Henri's nephew

This card was sent 100 years ago on 27th October 1906. Henri sent it to his nephew who was 7 years old. Perhaps for his birthday? He tells his nephew that he’s always known him to be a good boy and hopes that he is continuing to be so. The poem roughly translated says.

In Autumn! Goodbye the bells
The swallows are leaving
Friend, you can marry me
When the faithful birds return

When I see cards like this one, I can’t help thinking about how easy it was in those days to please someone. Henri’s nephew would have been so happy with his postcard. I don’t think today’s nephews would be content with just a postcard for their birthday.