Friday, April 30, 2010

A Mousy Tail...

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little play on words.

The mouse family had their little adventure back on 1906. The cards were sent to an 8 year old girl, Odette by her cousin, Ninette. The cards at entitled: The Rascal – Imprudence – Conspiracy – Evasion – Outcome, “The Cake Walk”; appropriate music for hungry mice. Debussy was yet to write his famous tune (Children’s Corner suite -1908) but “Cakewalk” music was popular in the US.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gilbert and Gish

John Gilbert and Lillian Gish were together for the 1926 film ‘La Bohème’ directed by King Vidor.

In order to prepare for the death scene Lillian Gish ‘allowed no liquid to touch her lips’ (to change her voice I suppose), she also visited hospitals in order to learn about the effects of tuberculosis. She didn’t think much of John Gilbert who was infatuated with her and messed up the love scenes so that he could kiss her as much as possible.

Lillian Gish died in 1993, she was almost 100 years old.