Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vase Danse

Fabbio Fabbi (1861–1946) was an Italian painter who specialized in oriental paintings. I love the colours and movement in this postcard from Egypt. Here are some more, I especially like ‘The abduction in Cairo’…

Oops, this painting was in fact by his elder brother Alberto Fabbi, 1858-1906. I think that you'll agree, both brothers certainly knew how to paint.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Through the arch

This postcard is faded so it’s a little difficult to see the subject; lighthouses. Imagine stepping though the archway and onto the beach. The sea is blue and the sand warm between your toes…

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The man who could have been King

Philippe Duke of Orleans would have been the King of France if it weren’t for the French revolution. He was very interested in wildlife and nature as well as writing.

He owned a property near to Evesham in Worcestershire (UK), Wood Norton. Which is where I come in. He had his own zoo there and when my father was asked to clear some ground there in the 70s, I remember him coming home and telling us that he’d dug up bones of the animals that must have been in the zoo. Wood Norton was also used as a training centre by the BBC at the time that I worked in the bank at Evesham. We saw students from all over the world – oh happy days.

Back to Louis Philippe Robert d'Orléans, he was born in 1869 in England and died in 1926 in Sicily. At one point he was put in prison for returning to France from where he had been exiled, but was granted his freedom after a few months. He never returned to France.

I know that there was a wedding of some importance at Wood Norton. I saw photographs at the museum in Evesham. The town was honoured on that occasion by the visit of Edward VII no less!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A lesson in focus

This postcard is possibly over 110 years old. As well as a pleasant picture which drew my eye, is the clarity of detail from the shadow of the tree on the ground to the clock on the church. (It was half past two). I wonder what the gentleman would make of being enlarged and put for everyone to see on a blog?