Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet peas

Catharina Klein was born in Prussia in 1861.  She specialized in painting flowers and fruit and many of her works were used as postcard illustrations.  Before the war of 1914 many postcards were produced in Germany.  Later she was sometimes known as Catherine and worked in Berlin until her death in 1929.  During World War II many of her original paintings were destroyed by bombing by the allies. 

Her postcards are quite common, but I’ve not been able to find another postcard online like this one, posted in 1903, of sweet peas.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

By coincidence

I came across this postcard today depicting a terrible storm back in 1904 in a town in the North of France. As a result of a storm, high winds and a deluge of rain, the little river that went through the town turned into a raging torrent. Houses that overhung the river were destroyed as their foundations were washed away. There was plenty of flooding and damage throughout the rest of the town too. 21 people died that day. A reminder perhaps, that we have always been at the mercy of nature.
(Whether the government be right or left!)