Sunday, October 19, 2008

A little bird told me

One of the seagulls on this postcard is arriving in Geneva to tell everyone that Peter will soon be arriving home in Switzerland to begin his very busy retirement.

This postcard was posted in Geneva in 1902 and is in excellent condition. I have seen the same card in black and white. I prefer the colouring on this one.


Peter (Worldman): said...

Smile! I am very "touché" with this post. Thanks a lot, Anji.

Piscean Rubble said...

This is a beautiful card. The subtle colours are lovely!! :)

alan said...

So very beautiful!


Anji said...

Peter: you're very welcome

Piscean: subtle colouring was quite rare at the time!

Alan: It is, and it is a photograph as far as I can tell.