Monday, September 27, 2010

Peacock Lady

This card raised the question of copyright. We were contacted by a French author of historic novels who wanted to use the image as an illustration for one of her books. We don’t own the copyright and as long as the publisher is long dead and gone there is no problem. We sent her a scan of the card and she wrote back saying that she might use the image and if she did my name would be mentioned. Fame at last!


A Lady's Life said...

Well thats good.
You notice women were liked being a little plump in those days.
Skinny women were seen as weak and sickly

Unknown said...

Hope everything works out and you get the credit.

It's a window on a different world. No impossibly slim models or airbrushing back then. I am sure this was a very provocative image.

Cherelynn said...

Hi Anji
Love the postcards! I appreciate your comment on my blog and have answered there. If you would like me to send it in an email, please email! HOpe you are having a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

I love this one! Such a strange mix of sexuality an innocence. Plus feathers. What's not to like?

fruey said...

Very nice composition and quite erotic for the time too, always prefer photography that's a bit more "innocent" and of full figures rather than the horrible waif heroin chic look we are spoon fed first with Twiggy and later Kate Moss.

Anji said...

A ladys Life: They didn't exercise in the way that we do either.

Chris: She is wearing a body stocking...

Cherelynn: Thank you for all of your help!!

Octobia: I agree.

Fruey: There were some very artistic nudes around,, but also p#rn that would equal that of today.