Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome home Worldman

This little boat is boldly setting off across Lac Léman towards Montreaux. If you look closely you might just be able to make out our globetrotting friend, Peter, on his way home from Sudan to his wife and family. I hope that you’ve had a good trip home, Peter and that you can have a well deserved break and get on with your retirement!

Perhaps you might even run into Bill Gates, Barbara Hendricks or Shania Twain?


Peter (Worldman): said...

Hello Anji,

I made it back home this morning at 1 am. Because my plane arrived so late that I had to rent a car at Zurich airport and drive it across Switzerland. In snow.

I have rested a bit, tended some urgent matters and now are in the blogosphere and checking blogs. To find this pleasant post.

That is a nice welcome, thank you very much.

Peter (Worldman): said...

PS: The ship is actually a barge and there are still two or three sailing on the lake. They used to carry goods. Today, one can hire them for an event. A few years ago, we had some celebration with the company I worked for and we spent a beautiful day sailing, having good food, nice wine and a lot of fun.

Chandira said...

Beautiful postcard!!

And yes, it's nice to have Peter home again, isn't it? I missed him!

Marie Reed said...

Hi Anjii! It's Postcard Friendship Friday tomorrow (PFF) I hope to see you there:) I'm glad that postcard have taken over your hobbies! They are so addictive! I will have the Mr. Linky set up and ready to go on Friday!

Anji said...

Peter, It's good to see you visiting again. I just hope that the barge is going in the right direction!

Chandira: I agree

Marie: This is the Friday after, I will get round - one day.