Friday, January 02, 2009


Happy new year everyone

I thought I’d start the year with a closer look at the costumes on this postcard from Vals-les-Bains famous for it’s water cures since the 17th century. In the past only the well to do would frequent places such as these. Today Doctors can prescribe a ‘cure’ if they think that their patients would benefit. Patients are sent to Vals-les-Bains for problems relating to nutrition, obesity and diabetes. Ordinary Visitors and tourists also benefit from the usual Jacuzzi, massage, well-being and beauty treatments associated with such places.

I couldn’t believe how clear the details on this postcard are! The people you can see would almost certainly not have posed for the photographer. Unfortunately the lady on the stairs is victim of a crease through the middle of the postcard.

Click on the images for a better view


Amitabh said...

This is perhaps most fascinating blog I have came across in recent times. I have blogmarked you. Shall be visiting you more often to follow your posts.

Isobel said...

Beautiful outfits! Its amazing what people went through to look good. The detail is amazing. Thank you for sharing it and Happy New Year!! :)

Anji said...

Amitabh: Thank you. I enjoy choosing the postcards for it - when I have the time!

Isobel: I'm always amazed at how clear some of the old postcards are when you look at them through a magnifying glass, some of the newer cards aren't as good.