Saturday, January 10, 2009


There is only word that I can think of to describe this postcard; « charming ». The colours are subtle and the girls are naturally pretty. I imagine that they were really pleased to be allowed to wear those lovely hats.


cube said...

I was the kind of little girl who couldn't wait to rip off this kind of outfit.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. Those hats are indeed lovely but you'd expect that from someone like me who is rather fond of hats.

'Mad hatter'

Dana said...


Anonymous said...

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Anji said...

Cube: I'm the opposite I'd have loved a dress and hat like that.

Anon/'Mad Hatter'It's a pity we don't wear hats like these anymore. The ladies at Val-les-Bains(see two posts below) have lovely hats too.

Dana: Thanks for your visit!

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