Sunday, November 16, 2008

Something a little different

In order to clear our stock a little we’ve started to sell lots of 50 postcards at a time. The cards aren’t extra special but could be a good idea for a beginner. Up until yesterday I was making up lots of town, villages and views throughout France. They’ve been selling pretty well so our attention then turned to the Fantasy cards that we have. These are more greetings postcards, especially New Year. A lot of them are pretty young ladies so are also interesting from the fashion point of view too. I scan all of the postcards and try to arrange them as artistically as possible. I was really pleased with the set you can see above, flowers, which is why I put it here.

Rob was checking other lots of fantasy cards on eBay France and one seller had a picture up of 5 cards only which they were using to illustrate 3 different lots. They had put up a notice warning that the postcards in the photo were not necessarily in the lot in question. When we saw that we felt quite smug about ours.


Piscean Rubble said...

Anji. That is absolutely beautiful. It would look great to mount those on a red backdrop as you've shown here and then frame them. I would hang that on my wall!!! C'est belle ca!! (I don't know if its actually masculine or feminine grammatically - the arrangement - but it appears very feminine!)

soulMerlin said...

I agree with piscean rubble...the flower collection would look lovely on a wall...they are so delicate and detailed. I think modern society has lost a lot of subtlety.

Sorry I haven't been around for a while...a string of disasters and re-casting left no time for my blogging, but things are easing off now.


alan said...

Very beautiful sets!


Anji said...

Piscean: As someone interested in the postcards as they are I wouldn't like to frame them. I love to see the backs too!

Henry: Perhaps it's because we don't take the time anymore.I'm pleased to see you back again!

Alan: They are pretty - I was disappointed to let them go!