Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris 1900 and a strange coincidence

This postcard was sent in the spring of 1900, 10th April. Look how busy the bridge is.

The correspondence is written in English with difficulty:

”My dear Henry
Oh well! And this operation! You not art death no? You wilt tell at Mama that we are very well to arrive evening Sunday. I am very glad because my teacher have tell at my that he is glad at my and that I make of progress. Of course is relative. ??? carter I shall have two reward of billets. That you ask before Saturday, you wish the good morning of Lady Delabarre. So clasp all the people of my him
Your Brot”

The card is addressed to Henri Arondel who lived in Versailles. There is a painter of the same name who died on that date but in Saint-Malo in the North of France. Coincidence!


A Lady's Life said...

I tried reading it and thought this person doesn't speak english very well lol The bridge sure has different traffic from what it would have today

Dirty Butter said...

I know they had to write on the front side until the postal laws were changed, but it still looks funny.

Always interesting postcards!

Anji said...

A Lady's Life:I was amazed at how many people are on the bridge. Today it will be wall to wall cars.

DB: Yes, and the States were behind Europe, the divided backs were in use from the end of 1903 here.

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