Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's that girl?

A little before October 1909 a photographer set out to take a picture of the ‘Grand Hôtel du Parc’. Some passers by were caught on camera including a pretty young lady. She was pretty enough to turn the head of a young man and make him smile( seen with a powerful magnifying glass).

What happened next?


Isobel said...

Good question, Anji!! Who knows? Maybe they exchanged greetings? Or maybe they kept walking and never saw one another again. Sigh. I love this card!! I'm so glad you catch things like this and share them with us!!

Peter (Worldman): said...

She turned around and said: "Ne me regardez pas comme cela". And then the gentleman apologized and invited her for a café. And then they fell in love with each other. Et ils eurent beaucoup d'enfants.

soulMerlin said...

I guess they just went their separate ways. She does look gorgeous though.


we all have our time in the sun

A Lady's Life said...

She paid him no mind. lol

Anji said...

Thank you all, a mystery which will never be solved!