Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy days

These postcards were sold in 1939, just before the war. They were sold for 1 franc each in aid of the National Committee for Summer Camps in France. From what I can find out there were guest illustrators every year who produced a set of cards. These were painted by Georges Redon. He seems to have illustrated quite a few postcards and various posters etc., but there doesn’t seem to be anything written about his life.


A Lady's Life said...

Times when children could be children. Innocent happy free playing in fresh air between beautiful flowers. Sounds so great.Here I planted so many tulips and daffodils and the squirrels ate all the bulbs and the one that did escape flowered only to be picked by a little boy who thought it was so pretty and took it to give to his Mother lol
How can I be angry at that lol
Precious boy.:)

Anji said...

A lady's Life: I have a clematis which hangs over the fence, some of them go off to be offerefd to mothers. i don't mind that at all. Children don't have to freedom to play like they used to, it's sad.

czaroma said...

Wow. This is the first time that I've passed by your blog, and I really didn't know anyone who's so passionate about postcards. I didn't realize how amazing it was until I've seen your posts!

Anji said...

czaroma: There are postcards to suit all tastes!