Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Anyone for ice?

I think it’s important to show the glaciers of France before they all disappear. These tourists were visiting the ice grotto of ‘ice for drinks’(?) around 1908. Perhaps people needed carrying out more than in.

Unfortunately, the glacier is shrinking by 70 meters a year, but a grotto is still opened up for visitors today


Isobel said...

WOW!! 70 METRES a year???????????? You gotta give it to global warming - very efficient. :( What a great card though - I never could have imagined such a place...even here in Canada!!

Just a note, I have my blog back up -

Isobel (aka Piscean Rubble)

Peter (Worldman): said...

Yes, it is troubling. I crossed the Aletsch Glacier in 1958, I crossed it again in 1988. Exactly the same route. And I noticed the difference in length. It was 30 years in between, but I remembered the landmark where it was the first time. Many meters in many years.

Other than that, I am only for ice in my whiskey.

alan said...

When they speak of the polar ice cap melting to nothing in my lifetime, having the glaciers go even more quickly shouldn't be a shock I guess...

What have we wrought?