Friday, May 16, 2008

Jardin du Luxembourg

Before we came to live in France, Rob and I spent an Easter weekend in Paris. We saw lots of sights, the weather was warm and sunny and there weren’t too many tourists. We sat out and ate at the Franklin D Roosevelt restaurant neat to the metro station of the same name (if I remember rightly) it was really as romantic as everyone says. My favourite place was le Jardin du Luxembourg; a famous Parisian park. This is what it was like in 1907.


Worldman said...

My "tiercé gagnant" of cities I have been to is (not in that order): St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Paris.

First time I was in Paris was in 1969. Since then I have been x times. And now, often, with my wife we hop on the TGV in Lausanne, are in Paris 3 hours later, spend the day and come back in the evening. And one out of three, we stay overnight.

Rightly, Paris is called the "City of Light". It is (besides, of course, less nicer things like in any city) one of the most exiting, most beautiful and most interesting cities I know.

And one day, when (and if) I have money, I will buy an apartment in a "hôtel particulier", close to Place Vendôme.

Anji said...

Peter: There is a magic about Paris. Not a good place to live. La Rochelle is full of escaped Parisiens!