Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Belle Epoche

This pré 1903 postcard from Monte Carlo (where else?) really captures the spirit of the belle epoch. Should our gambling friend choose the red or the black? Even the artist Albert Guillaume’s signature is a work of art, I think. Click on the card for a better view.


Worldman said...

Perhaps it would be interesting to know if the gentleman gambled well. He might have left with both ladies !?

Madison Mancinelli said...

Love your site! I have a shoe box full of old post cards that my grandmother had saved. Do you know of any unique way to store/display them?

Anji said...

Peter: I wonder what would have happened if he lost?

Madison: Sometimes you can get hold of old postcard albums. In my blogroll you'll find the 'Cherryland Postcard Blog' and 'About Postcards'. the owners of those sites have specialised in postcards for years and may be of more help. I've only been in business for a year.

You must keep them dry and be very careful not to expose them to certain plastics (you can usually smell a plastic smell which means the chemicals in the plastic could damage the cards)

Thank you for taking the time to comment