Friday, August 17, 2007

Gone Fishing

Another baby card. Has she just fished for these babies? I’m afraid I have a dark sense of humour. Perhaps she is going to use them as bait!


Worldman said...

Well, what ever she intends to do, she seems to be satisfied and pleased with it seeing the expression on her face.

All these old postcards are really masterpieces. Today's postcards are so sterile. In Montreux we have so many tourists. And all they can get is postcards. At least with some choice. Montreux seen from South or North or West etc.!!

Titania Starlight said...

That is a very intersting analogy. I guess since they didn't have baby carriers she had to improvise. A carriange would have done a better job.

I do like the dark humor you portrayed. :o)

Anji said...

Peter: I agree, modern cards aren't the same. I think that the photographers (for postcards at least) in the past were more artistic.

Titania: I will look out for cards with perambulators on now!

I find all of these baby cards a little sinister.

About Postcards said...

A splendid site, congratulations.

In the early 1900's mortality rates were such that fertility and childhood were celebrated much more than today.

Today the multi baby cards may seem sinister but in their time they were a source of amusement (the new art of the photographer and his/her studio tricks) and celebration (of family).

Kind regards from England

Anji said...

Linda: thank you for the information - I will view them differntly from now on!

About Postcards said...

... and enjoy them, it's a very popular collecting theme.