Sunday, January 15, 2017

Deux Châteaux

I recently put these two postcards into our store. I like slightly different views, especially with people included:

Château de la Tour is a Hotel nowadays so if you find yourself in Cannes looking for a hotel….

Château des Neuf Clefs. Nine Keys: what a lovely name! I looked online to see if I could see what it looks like today. Unfortunately it is no longer there, although there is still a part of the town known as Neuf Clefs.


Coline said...

This season we had one christmas card from France and what a delight to see that they still have beautiful graphic style to their stamps. Our christmas ones were so dreary I sacrificed the last of my bulk buy many years ago of an icicle starburst sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy, I hope they were appreciated...

Anji Knutsen said...

Coline: Yes, the stamps were good this year. 30 years ago when we first arrived the designs were very depressing. I wonder how the collectors manage, they all seem to be self adhesive stamps now.