Monday, March 18, 2013

The Decline

Le Déclin was sculpted by Léopold Steiner around 1895. It was placed overlooking the Père Lechaise cemetery.

I’m afraid that this beautiful, but sad statue seems to have come to a sad end. The detective work has been done here.


Isobel said...

How sad, indeed, Anji. :(

Caroline said...

So typical of the age, similar things happened locally and the whole public looses statues from the parks because of a few idiots...

Doris said...

I love the statue and do not see it as being miserable. It was fascinating to read your link to the detective work about its whereabouts. Such a shame that it was desecrated with graffitti.

Thanks for sharing this postcard and story Anji.

Anji said...

Isobel: Hopefully one day they will be restored to their former glory

Caroline: All of that work mutilated in a few minutes.

Doris: I don't like the word 'miserable' much either. I suppose it depends on how you view old age.

I love finding out about the postcards I sell.