Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bern and Mary Plain: part II

I've written about Bern in Switzerland before. For those who came searching for Mary Plain, this is where she would have lived before the Owl Man came to fetch her. Here is my other post, the comments are especially interesting if you enjoyed the Mary Plain books

This bear is looking at the visitors to the zoo and thinking "What strange people you see in zoos!"


A Lady's Life said...

How Interesting. :)

Doris said...

I love these moments in time. Do those people even know they were captured on a postcard?

Doris said...

Fascinating to read that other post and the comments. I am sad to say I do not know the Mary Plain books - sound wonderful.

Isobel said...

Or maybe he's thinking "Well, they look tasty!" :) It's a neat perspective for a photo in a zoo.

Anji said...

Lady's Life: it's an interesting shot!

Doris: I think that they would have been aware of the photographer, his/her equipment would have been very bulky

Isobel: I wonder where the photographer was positioned to get such a clever shot.