Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hotel Scribe

Would you believe that the hotel is almost the same today? Only the traffic has changed.

 I expect you’d like to look around it too – you can!
(Scroll down a little - there is a video)


Caroline said...

à partir de 390.00 €!

Just a little above my price range... We are now so slow we need three or four days to do what we once did in one. A couple of weeks here would cost as much as we live on for a year!

Isobel said...

It's a nice looking hotel. It's amazing how the hotels of old were built to last and look as magnificent today as they did then. It's a beautiful card, Anji. :)

Bob of Holland said...

Thanks for stopping by at European Film Star Postcards. Love your blog and will add a link.

Anji said...

Caroline: We have the same problem. Travelling seems so tiring.

Isobel: There are several Hôtels like this one in Paris. They called them Palaces, it's easy to understand why. At the moment the Ritz is closed for a couple of years while they bring it up to date.

Bob: Thank you, i'll be keeping an eye on your blog too. From time to time we buy lots of photos of French singers and film stars. I'll try to include some here nest time.

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