Saturday, August 04, 2012

Edward VII

King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India from 22nd January 1901 (Crowned 9th August 1902), until 6th May 1910. His mother, Queen Victoria, excluded him from political power and so until almost the age of 60, he led a fashionable leisured life. Once King, he modernized the British Home Fleet and army medical services and reorganized the British army. He fostered good relations with other European countries, especially France, but his efforts could not prevent the outbreak of the First World War 4 years after his death. (Information thanks to Wikipedia)

Wikipedia says that he was crowned 9th August 1902, whereas the postcard says June 26th. Which is correct? The coronation was scheduled for 26th June, but the King needed an emergency appendectomy operation and so the coronation was postponed by a few weeks.

Footage of his coronation coach


A Lady's Life said...

I have an old book I got at the flea market but it is stored away and I can't get to it but I bet it would have an answer to this question. These old books are great to keep

Anji said...

A Lady's Life: I imagine he was pretty frustrated, waiting so long to become King and then falling ill. Yes, we've got a few old books they are lovely to keep.