Monday, April 09, 2012


On the 31 March 1901 the Bulgarian journalist Pierre Bonnef set out with his wife, Georgiza, to walk around the world. The idea of the walk was to meet the people from the countries they passed through. They were armed with papers from the Bulgarian Ministry and the consulates of Great Britain, France and Austria amongst others. They funded their voyage by selling postcards like this one on the way.

 They passed through Bayonne in the South of France on the 14th May 1904. They intended their travels to last for around 15 years. I hope that they arrived home safely before the outbreak of the First World War.

We couldn’t find anything about their journey on the internet so I thought that I would create this little space in their memory. If you have any more information on them, please leave a comment.


A Lady's Life said...

I was not able to enlarge the photo enough to look at it properly. That was indeed very adventurous of them to walk around the world for 15 years.I think it would take that long just to walk around this North American So much to see and discover.

Anji said...

A lady's life: I don't think that the pictures come up as large as they used to. Try copying the image and opening it on paint or something like that...