Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The sinking of the Hilda

The night of the 18th November 1905 was a night of snow and storms.  Conditions were so bad that the men on the Grand Jardin lighthouse didn't see or hear that the steamer, Hilda was in distress close by.  They didn't even hear when her engines exploded.

125 men died in the icy waters, they were aged between 12 and 45. There were 6 survivors.  One crewman; Mr Grinter (Greender?) and 5 Johnny Onions.  Young men from Brittany who had crossed to England in July to sell their onions door-to-door and were now returning home.  Their names were Paul-Marie Pen(n), Tanguy Laot, Olivier Caroff, Louis Rozec and Louis Mouster.


A Lady's Life said...

Happy New Year Anji

Don said...

Interesting! What is a Johnny Onion?


djawa said...

i'm just say., i like it., :D

Anji said...

A Lady's life: Belated
Happy New Year

Don: A Johnny Onion was a peasant from France who went over to the UK to sell Onions and other vegetables. I suppose this is where the characature of the man in a beret with a string of onions comes from.

djawa: Thank you

Dianna said...

Ooh, I love your interests and I think it is great you are keeping the history alive! Will be watching - thanks :)

Anji said...

Dianna: thank you. Look forward to seeing you again!