Monday, October 17, 2011

The Appy God Son

After a very interesting auction in Limoges last week, it’s time to start looking at what we bought:

The first American troops arrived in France in June 1917. They were very much appreciated as this postcard illustrated by Xavier sager (1881-1969) shows. “The New Godson” has been well and truly adopted.


A Lady's Life said...

He must be happy surrounded by all those girls lol
The girls look happier though with their packages lol

bing said...

very nice! :-)

crazydehlidiva said...

Great Job! I like your blog, It really makes me think! Check out my blogs?



Anji said...

A lady's life: I couldn't help wondering who was paying for all of those hat boxes.

Bing: :)

Crazy: thanks, I'll check yours out.

A Lady's Life said...

maybe the god son cause soldiers used to buy girls gifts.They had a salary and food when the people didn't

Anji said...

A lady's Life: I know that was true in the second war. My mum was only small, but she knew to ask the GIs for chewing gum

Anonymous said...
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