Friday, November 05, 2010


These two postcards are here simply because I love the name of the town where they come from; Villemomble. The cards were sent on 1903. Today the town is in the suburbs of Paris.


Caroline said...

I love French cityscapes with the heavily sculpted trees in these old PCs and the impressionist paintings.

Makes me want to jump in the car and head south.

Caroline xxx

A Lady's Life said...

The postmark on the left hand side is interesting too.
Lovely clean wide streets. Such a pleasure to walk on.

Jane Blogs said...

I love old european town names. They have real meaning and feeling to them.

Anji said...

Caroline; wait for better weather. So much was lost because of the wars.

A Lady's Life: Yes, some people are interested in the postmarks, just as much as the postcards. Not all towns were laid out like that - we have very narrow streets in the old part of our village.

Jane Blogs: Thanks for your comment. I love the names of the towns in Brittany.