Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A collector of postcards

We’ve recently acquired some postcards from a collection which are in very poor state. Many of the cards are falling apart, have been nibbled by insects or have foxing (rust stains). The postcards were collected by a young woman from around 1902 onwards. She posted an announcement in “Le Petit Echo de la Mode” (magazine founded in 1880) looking for people willing to exchange postcards with her. This is what makes her cards so special, even though they are in such bad condition. The cards that she received were carefully selected by other collectors. A lot of them are unusual and rare. Not your usual tourist cards at all.

This card from Calais is interesting because it is a photograph of the shop run by the photographer himself. If that his family in the doorway?


A Lady's Life said...

hmm interesting.

Dirty Butter said...

The way the people are posed, I would guess you're right. It sure looks like the photographer's family.

It's your stories like this that make your blog so enjoyable. Are you a collector, or do you sell your postcards?

Found you on Expose Your Blog.

Anji said...

A Ladys Life: Ihope that you click on the images to see tham in better detail. I like 'everday'scenes.

Dirty Butter: Thank you. The collection turned into a business. We now have more than 3600 cards in our ebay store.

Thanks for leaving the EYB! link ;)