Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Traditional bonnet

I couldn’t let this little girl go without including her in my collection here. If she were alive today she would be over 100 years old. She’s showing off her bonnet for a series of postcards on local headdresses from Brittany. All through France women and girls from every town and region would have been proud to show off their traditional clothes


A Lady's Life said...

Now why would they write over the picture? I love the hat and apron.
I guess the apron is a pin on?
I remember I used to buy those invisible netings to wear over my hair so the curls would not be lost during the day. I don't think they sell them anymore but they were very useful little things.

Walk in the Woods said...

I love these images - and this one is especially charming. Thanks for sharing!

Anji said...

A lady's Life: The back was for the address only up until the autumn of 1903. On a lot of older cards the pictures were faded at the edges for writing.

Walk in the Woods: She does look sweet, doesn't she?

stefani said...

What a wonderful old photograph.

Anji said...

Stefani: Thank you, and it was probably hand made too!