Monday, November 02, 2009

Continuing the story of Odette :

Odette was born in 1899. I’ve discovered that her father was in the army. He sent her a postcard of the officers mess with a cross marking the window of his room, she was eight years old at the time. Her grandmother’s Chateau is not for sale, as I thought, there are two chateaux with the same name. Her Grandmother who signed her cards 'Granny' was a Countess!

In 1906 Odette went to stay with friends and afterwards they sent her these two lovely postcards. I presume that her friends were called Denise and Marguerite


soulMerlin said...

so many lives lived and only recognised many years later.

all the same


Anji said...

Henry: I'll be blogging about this soon. I'm in contact with the present owner of the Grandmother's chateau, he is very interested in the family