Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hot sand between my toes

This postcard appealed to me because of the energy the girls are putting into their digging. It reminded me of days at the seaside with my sisters. Look how warmly wrapped up the women are who were watching. The card says ‘Les enfants au travail’ – Children at work. Judging by the stamp, the postcard was sent in the early 1920’s.


Worldman said...

I did play with sand at a seaside at the age of 25. Because I never had been at a seaside before. And the lakes in Switzerland don't have sandy beaches :-)

Titania Starlight said...

Those children look like they are having fun instead of working but that is how kids are. Unlike the children of today, I doubt if they expected pay. Perhaps a nice ice cream would be good after digging in all that sand. :O)

Anji said...

Peter: It was only the other day that I realised that there is no sea around Switzerland (I was never very good at geography)

Titania: An ice cream is the only payment suitable for digging in the sand duty!