Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Language of Perfume

One of the postcards I prepared for sale this morning was this one. The Language of Perfume. It’s not in very good condition and has a non divided back so I guess that it’s pre 1903.

If you’d like to send the right perfume at the right time, this is what to send:

Lilac: First love
Heliotrope: Love me as I love you
Clover: You bring good luck
Violets: You are virtuous
Roses: Your beauty captivates me
Iris: You posses my heart
Carnations: Believe that I am faithful
Lily of the Valley: Reborn
Mimosa: I only think of you
Honeysuckle: A gentle kiss
Cut hay: Your memory pleases me
Corn Mignonette: Don’t leave me!

Rob has just reminded me that today is Saint Angela’s day, so a postcard with flowers and perfume is appropriate for my ‘Fête’!

(If this one doesn’t sell it will find its way into my personal collection)


jen x said...

Love this blog -- I'm captivated by the postcards! (BTW, found you on Blog Explosion, so you're in their rotation.)

Really lovely

Anji said...

Jen: Thanks, I enjoyed your blog too.