Sunday, May 06, 2007

Auction success!

We went and bought a lot of new stock at an auction yesterday afternoon. There were other items, the most unusual being the sale of a binocular collection. There were posters too, this is where you can read about them. I always try to keep very still during an auction, I’m terrified of accidentally bidding for something I don’t want. Rob asked me to keep a running total of our bids so that we didn’t overspend, it went so fast I could hardly keep up!

This is just one card from a set that was in an album. We don’t usually bother much with fantasy cards, but I like these. It was printed in Berlin and sent in 1905 to wish someone a Happy New Year.


Willow said...

How sweet :-) I'm sure that card was a better catch than the binocular collection hihihi

Anji said...

Willow; Some of the ladies binoculars were very pretty, but not my cup of tea.

You'll be pleased to know that now I have lots of lovely cards to share here on my blog.