Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where did you get that hat?

I really like the costume cards. These two came from Charente which is the next department to the right. It’s impossible to say which year this was sent as the postmark is unreadable.

I’m not sure how the women coped in the wind with those headdresses. The words at the side comment on the ‘chic’ warm bonnet that he is wearing. I can’t translate properly, as some of the words are local to Charente and I don’t know them.


Willow said...

I hope there were no wind in Charente at the time they wore hats like that. I only know I have destroyed 3 umbrellas due to wind in only a 2 months period of time... Maybe a hat like that could make me fly?

Anji said...

Willow; We have a lots of wind here so I don't bother with umbrellas. I don't wear a hat either ;) (certainly not like that one).