Sunday, November 05, 2006


Vichy is a spa town in France and people still go to ‘take the waters’; The card was posted in 1906. I’m fond of it because of the costumes, especially the women. Here they are drinking the water which would have been beneficial simply because people didn’t drink much water in those days. Today you can buy bottles of Vichy water in any supermarket.

Looking through Google I find that the waters from Source Lucas have anti-inflammatory properties and that there is a horse race is named after it! In another report the source is named after the Baron Lucas who bought the spring where the water comes from and that the water is particularly good for skin problems. I found someone else who likes pictures of Vichy too!

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Willow said...

There's nothing like a glass of freshly cold water, is there? In an ideal world water should be abundant, clean, free and for everyone, but I'm afraid the world isn't exactly moving towards such an ideal...

Lovely postcard though!

Anji said...

Willow; There is a poster we have in France with a little girl holding out her bowl and it says "Sorry, there isn't enough water for you". It breaks my heart every time I see it.