Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vintage postcards

In recent years my husband, Rob has been collecting vintage postcards, mainly of the town where we live, La Rochelle, which has lots of history and interesting buildings. Gradually he started to get duplicate cards and because of this he had the idea of selling cards on eBay. The next stage was a visit to the auction rooms in town one day when they were holding a postcard, coin and stamp auction. Pretty soon we had a collection of beautiful cards from all over France.

For me the fascinating part is reading what was written on the back. All human life is there. The saddest cards are the ones sent by soldiers fighting during the First World War. My mother-in-law contributed a very special card fom Paris which had been sent back to England in 1917. Her mother-in-law had kept it carefully over the years. Her fiance had sent it to her when he was on leave. He was killed the following year.

The card above is one of my favourites. The park in La Rochelle is still the same today.

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